About DNA Direct

Our mission is to bring the power of personalized medicine to patients, providers and payors — reducing health risks, preventing disease, and better targeting therapies.

Genetics is a complex and fast-changing field. Each day brings us more research and information on what genes can — and cannot — tell us about ourselves. With more than 2000 molecular diagnostic and genetic tests available today, the impact of genetics has never been greater and is becoming an integral part of medicine and patient care. As new developments are uncovered, we are ready at the forefront, incorporating them into our information and services.

We offer physician and patient support tools that range from genetic benefit management to clinical decision support. For our clients (health plans and employers) we offer data analytics and web tools that provide insights that enhance clinical outcomes, improve safety and lower costs. Our services include:

  • Utilization Management
  • Clinical Decision Support Programs
  • Clincal Management
  • Online and Telephone Support Resources for Providers and Patients
  • Lab Network

Expert Advice

Our national call center of genetic experts, complemented by online decision support tools, help physicians and patients determine if genetic tests are appropriate and how to use genetic test results to guide clinical decisions across more than 2000 molecular diagnostic tests and genetic conditions.

To find out more about us, please see our company website.